Maricela and Scott Gray founded Elevate Systems in late 2012 and have seen successful growth over the last few years. Maricela is the Chief Executive Officer, and Scott is the President. The company specializes in engineering design, prototyping and support, has been awarded several contracts with the Air Force and the Army supporting our aging weapon systems.

To date the company has supported the B-52 Stratofortress, the WC-135 Constant Phoenix, the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter and the AH-64 Apache Helicopter with obsolescence and sustaining engineering support. They have one of the first 3D printed parts flying on 15 B-52 Airplanes today. They have also diversified their engineering services line of business to include Design, 3D Design, prototyping, and manufacturing assistance for several clients in the commercial sector.

Elevate Systems also works with companies and individuals to help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams by taking their idea and making it a reality. By developing a 3D design and then 3D printing their ideas so that they can have a prototype in hand to help them with patents, trademarks, and getting their products to market. One recent example is the design and 3D printing for the Merge VR augmented virtual reality mask conceived and designed in San Antonio. Elevate Systems was behind the scenes helping the company complete its design and product to get it into production.

Elevate Systems also provides Software Development, Mobile Development, Web Development, and Cloud Infrastructure Support to several commercial clients.